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Join thousands of other small trucking companies and owner operators.  Aerofund is a valuable partner helping you succeed in the trucking business.   

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To Factor or Not to Factor?  That is the question…

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?  Who let the dogs out? What is your problem? Didn't I have pants on when I came in here?  These are all very good questions, and often heard around 18 Wheels of Justice HQ, but today we will attempt to answer one of the most difficult and quite possibly, the most hotly debated issue in America today.  Should I factor my freight invoices?

The answer is really very simple, but like the best simple answers, requires more questions…

Do you have a revolving line of credit or the ability to get one from your Bank?

It’s nearly impossible for a new and/or small trucking operation.  Banks don’t like trucking and don’t understand it.  Even most medium to large trucking companies will use a large bank’s factoring division or a large factoring company with very high minimum revenue requirements. These larger factoring arrangements are cheaper, but still factoring nonetheless.

Are you independently wealthy and have the amount of money needed, and are you willing to put up your own cash to cash flow your trucking operation?  

A good rule of thumb, without factoring, is $13,000 per Owner Operator and $15,000 per Company truck. 

Do you have a wealthy family member, friend or wealthy widow you have been dating you can get to invest cash into your business?      

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may not need to finance or sell your freight bills!  We tip our collective hats to you, and please enjoy your afternoons at the country club pandering to your wealthy relative, friend or “girlfriend”.  The rest of us have to work for a living and need to find the best way to fund our trucking operation.

Trucking simply does not cash flow; neither do most of the businesses in this great nation of ours, not now and not in the 1400’s…

What is the difference between factoring and a traditional line of credit?  The basic difference is the factoring company “buys” your receivables and owns them.  In the case of a traditional line of credit, the bank perfects a lien against your receivables and in most cases, also puts a lien on your trucks, trailers, commercial property and demands a personal guarantee.

Let’s take a brief moment to review the history of factoring and how it helped shape and build America.

Sir Thomas Oliver O’Neil Lawrence

(TOOL) Photo circa 1421 New Cambridge, Worcestershire County, Hampshire Township, Glutensburg Parrish. (England)

The History of Factoring 


1400 ad, Ye Olde Cobblestone Road, Bennies Hille, Shropshire, Olde England

Sir Thomas Oliver O’Neil Lawrence and his prized invention of undefeatable chastity belts were in high demand and the toast of the town in the new world in America.   Sir Thomas Oliver O’Neil Lawrence or “Tool” (as the young lassies referred to him) found himself in a bit of a pickle, a quandary, if you will.   “Tool” had invented an iron clad, foolproof chastity belt that even the most passionate adolescent youths of the time could not unburden from their blossoming quarry.  While all the rage among parents in Old Yorkshire, young Tool had his sights set on expansion in the randy, wild west of America.  In the new world, especially out west, young women were often left alone for days, sometimes weeks at a time, to fend for themselves while the men went exploring, bear wrestling, hunting and the like. 

Now, young “Tool” had trouble meeting customer demand in the New World.  He had plenty of new orders coming in from customers in America, and with good credit.  Unfortunately, Tool had nearly all of his operating capital tied up in meeting payroll, ex-wives, inventory, gambling debts and chastity belt manufacturing equipment.  

What to do?  The banks in England found Tools’ business interesting, but not their typical high brow customer and were hesitant to offer one of their "precious" receivable lines of credit.  The banks also felt that since he hadn’t been in business for very long and the rapid growth made his business too risky. The banks preferred to do business with a company with a much longer track record and credit history.

After contacting many of the banks in England, he finally came across Murphy’s Savings and Loan on the tough south side of Kilkenny, in Southern Ireland.  Mr. Murphy was sympathetic to Tool’s dilemma and was fond of the idea of promoting chastity in young women.  Mr. Murphy himself had 11 daughters and found keeping their virtue intact to be a constant struggle.  

Mr. Murphy, of Murphy’s Savings and Loan, liked the young Tool and wanted and wanted to be a part of his success.  Mr. Murphy was concerned that the money coming from America directly to Tool may fall into the the wrong hands, the hands of Tool's bookies, ex-wives, or into young Tools other business ventures. In other words, hands other than Mr. Murphy's...

He boldly suggested that Tool’s customers pay Mr. Murphy directly, and he would lay claim to Tool’s invoices. Mr. Murphy would pay Tool once the invoice was confirmed by his customer!  Brilliant and safe for all involved!  Now due to the extra leg work needed from Murphy’s Savings and Loan, Mr. Murphy charged a higher, but still profitable factoring rate for Tool.  Tool knew he was getting business he otherwise wouldn't be able get, and remain profitable with each transaction. Behold the birth of Factoring!  

Why is factoring so prevalent in trucking?  Not because we all similar to “Tool”, but there are a lot of risks involved.  It’s hard for banks to get comfortable with the fast paced, ever changing environment in our industry.  Factoring companies step up and fill that role in our business.  Factors offer an opportunity to grow and expand your fleet without a huge cash crunch.   

Ready to grow your business?  Tired of cash flow holding you back?  Call Aerofund today! Deliver your load and get paid!

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Aerofund delivers with:

  • Free credit checks on brokers
  • Comdata Fuel Cards 
  • Funding your freight bills within 24 hours 
  • Fuel advances on loads.
  • No personal credit checks on owners
  • Email or Fax Freight bills - No originals or Fedex needed
  • Free Collection Services and Reports 

Join thousands of other small trucking companies and owner operators.  Aerofund is a valuable partner helping you succeed in the trucking business.   

25 Years of Trucking Experience - Helping Truckers Succeed!

 Call Dave with AeroFund to get started at 404-537-3014


 Start Factoring Your Freight Bills Today!

25 Years of Trucking Experience - Helping Truckers Succeed!

 Call Dave with AeroFund to get started at 404-537-3014

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AGX is a small financially stable company, we don't allow our dispatchers to manage more than 7 owner operators each.  This allows us to provide the personal attention each of our operators deserve, no one ever sits without the load and the rate they deserve.  We offer multiple high dollar loads daily to every owner operator, you decide!  We aren't committed to multiple loads at last years rates from customers, that we try and convince you to haul.  We are free to take loads at the current high market rates! Don't miss out on your chance to take advantage of record setting rates in today's Spot Market!! 

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We Know Owner Operators!  We understand and provide what it takes to succeed in this business, whether you are a first time owner operator or have been doing it for decades, we provide what it takes to succeed in this tough business! What our Owner Operators have to say:

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OUR OPERATORS AVERAGE $2500 PLUS after fuel every week - week in and week out - Lots of available freight, we have owner operators with consistent settlements of $4000-$4500 per week after fuel is deducted.  There is no shortage of opportunity here, we have an excellent owner operator program and we understand Owner Operators!

"I have been with American Global Express for over a year, I like having my assigned dispatcher, Dan, always gets me home and gets me the loads I want, I've done better here than anywhere else I've been".... David - Owner Operator, Ft. Smith, AR




CALL US TODAY!! KEITH 314-278-8841, TOM 314-363-4200 or STEPHANIE 620-334-0473!
Or fill out our simple online app AGX APPLICATION or go to https://www.mycdlapp.com/amglobalexp



Just a few of our Benefits:
We Know Owner Operators at AGX!

- 2 HOUR ORIENTATION BY PHONE - no need to travel and sit for days in orientation! 
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- Plate Program - Weekly deductions
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- DEEP Fuel Discounts
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- No forced Dispatch
- Dedicated Dispatcher 
- 24/7 Dispatch
- Abundant Profitable Freight - Never sit

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TrueNorth and TSA - Save Time, Save Money! Get your Bobtail Quote in Minutes...Call Today - 877-968-8785!  

TrueNorth and the Truckers Service Association are the Bobtail Insurance Leaders in the Trucking industry.  TrueNorth has been saving owner operators money on their bobtail insurance for decades.  Call us today and save!  One of our founding principles is to help the Owner Operators in our country not pay for insurance they don't need, save money on the insurance they do need and to provide the best service in the industry.  We are here to answer any questions you may have.  We are more than happy to explain the definitions of Bobtail and Non Trucking Liability to you, and make sure you have the insurance coverage you need.  See the definition of bobtail insurance below, along with a brief explanation.  
Don't forget, you can always call us with any questions...877-968-8785 TrueNorth Bobtail! 

What is definition of Bobtail Insurance? 

  1. Bobtail Liability Defined:  A term coined to apply to auto liability coverage for an owner/operator after a load has been delivered and while the truck is not being used for trucking purposes.   Wikipedia Definition
  2. Call TrueNorth Today - Best Prices on Bobtail Insurance in the Industry!  877-968-8785