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“From Humble Beginnings Come Great Things”…

Corrigan Moving Systems

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Welcome to 18 Wheels of Justice!  Today we are proud to present Corrigan Moving Systems, a company with a long history of success and nearly unlimited opportunities for owner operators and drivers.

Corrigan Moving came from humble beginnings in the late 1920’s when Frank “The Chief” Corrigan came to Dearborn, Michigan, in 1923, lured by the $5 daily salary promised by Ford Motor Company. At Ford, Frank worked nights on the Ford farms performing a variety of jobs.  Sometimes he even chauffeured Henry Ford himself.  Frank “The Chief” was ambitious, and during the day when he wasn't working at Ford he ran an ice delivery service with his brother. When the Great Depression hit, Frank used his trucks to help families forced from their homes relocate their belongings.


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And thus, Corrigan Moving Systems was born. 

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Today, Corrigan Moving has a vast network of 12 offices in four states, and the “know how” and strong business base to make it one of the most successful moving agents in the country.     

“Our operations staff is motivated by the success of our owner operators and their longevity with our company”…Kirk Hensler – VP Operations - Corrigan

Opportunities abound for owner operators and drivers at Corrigan.  Let’s get right down to business, as we are very fortunate to have a true legend in the moving business with us today, Mr. Kirk Hensler with Corrigan Moving Systems.  

Welcome to 18 Wheels of Justice, Mr. Hensler.  It's nice to have someone here with your vast experience and expertise in the moving business.  

Corrigan Moving has a long and remarkable history.  Why did you decide to join forces with them?  Having been in the moving industry in the same market, they were always the moving company to be. The reputation, the quality of drivers, the care for customers and the volume of business were all factors that made the decision the right one for me.

What makes Corrigan different from other moving companies?  A true concern for the customer, a commitment from the employees and crews to do what’s right for the customers, and, for the front line personnel, our drivers and crews. We do what we say we are going to do. We aren't perfect and we have an occasional move that has problems, but we do our best to fix the problem and correct the issue.

“Corrigan is currently hiring owner operators for both linehaul household goods and special commodities...” click here

How do you rate/motivate/inspire your operations staff?  Do they have revenue/miles for the Drivers and Operators as a priority?  

Most members of our operations staff have been drivers. They understand the hard work, the hours involved, the attention to detail and the need for safety. Our team understands that, in order to keep drivers happy, they have to have better financial opportunities and be treated with respect and concern. Our operations staff is motivated by the success of our owner operators and their longevity with our company.

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What do you feel are the most important reasons behind Corrigan's success? Commitment to our customers, desire to improve our quality, the strength of our management team and the determination to always strive to be better than we were yesterday.

Corrigan is our kind of company, What about drivers and operators unfamiliar with the moving business? Our drivers are directly involved in the moving process. From learning how to pack fine china and crystal wine glasses to helping carry a grand piano, our drivers need to know a lot. 

Are there any special requirements? They have to have a CDL class A, must pass a physical and drug screen, have a clean MVR, be able to lift without restrictions and have a great attitude. They must have knowledge of DOT Regulations, understand finances, and be able to communicate with our customers on a professional and personal level.

What's the biggest advantage of driving for a moving company vs. a dry freight carrier? You meet a lot of great people, not just warehouseman and dispatchers. You see some beautiful residences. While you are loading or unloading someone’s furniture and personal belongings every day, each relocation is different and unique. After 32 years in this industry, next week, we will have to figure out a way to solve a new problem or how to move a unique item that we have never dealt with before.

In your opinion, what is the best thing about working for Corrigan from a driver’s perspective?  The revenue opportunities, being treated fairly and with respect, an expectation of dependability and responsibility, and the recognition for a job well done.

And from an owner operators perspective?  We pay our best owner operators a higher percentage of revenue than our average drivers. If an owner operator makes the extra effort to care for the customer, to keep his claims low and to operate safely, then he should be paid more and we do that. We have annual safety bonuses, and being an agent for the largest van line in the country gives us lots of opportunities to keep our drivers busy.

What are Corrigans hiring areas? We are looking for over the road owner operators, as well as employee drivers. The employee drivers drive mainly local and can be home pretty much every night.

How about home time, what’s a reasonable expectation?  Depending on each driver’s needs—be it family, home ownership, personal time off—we work with them to meet their needs and match our expectations with theirs. If we can't meet their needs, we let them know up front.  

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today, Kirk.  There are a lot of advantages to hauling Special Commodities and Household Goods with Corrigan Moving Systems.

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Corrigan is currently hiring qualified and experienced Detroit owner operator drivers who are interested in profitable long lasting careers. Owner operator drivers are responsible for handling our interstate hauling business. Owner operators must have a minimum of three years of experience, and high quality, claims and safety scores. Corrigan is currently hiring owner operators for both household goods and special commodities. Start your career today and contact Corrigan!


                                     American Global Express, a small nationwide dry van carrier is growing!  We need quality Owner Operators to share in our growth and profitable freight opportunities!  

100% Owner Operator Fleet!

AGX is a small financially stable company, we don't allow our dispatchers to manage more than 7 owner operators each.  This allows us to provide the personal attention each of our operators deserve, no one ever sits without the load and the rate they deserve.  We offer multiple high dollar loads daily to every owner operator, you decide!  We aren't committed to multiple loads at last years rates from customers, that we try and convince you to haul.  We are free to take loads at the current high market rates! Don't miss out on your chance to take advantage of record setting rates in today's Spot Market!! 

                                                                   CALL US TODAY!  KEITH 314-278-8841 or TOM 314-363-4200 !! OR fill out our simple Online App by Clicking Here AGX APPLICATION or go to https://www.mycdlapp.com/amglobalexp

We Know Owner Operators!  We understand and provide what it takes to succeed in this business, whether you are a first time owner operator or have been doing it for decades, we provide what it takes to succeed in this tough business! What our Owner Operators have to say:

"I deal with same dispatcher here for everything, I get an answer right away for any question I have and am having one of the best years I've ever had since I bought my truck in 2014..." Tom - Memphis, TN 

OUR OPERATORS AVERAGE $2500 PLUS after fuel every week - week in and week out - Lots of available freight, we have owner operators with consistent settlements of $4000-$4500 per week after fuel is deducted.  There is no shortage of opportunity here, we have an excellent owner operator program and we understand Owner Operators!

"I have been with American Global Express for over a year, I like having my assigned dispatcher, Dan, always gets me home and gets me the loads I want, I've done better here than anywhere else I've been".... David - Owner Operator, Ft. Smith, AR




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Or fill out our simple online app AGX APPLICATION or go to https://www.mycdlapp.com/amglobalexp



Just a few of our Benefits:
We Know Owner Operators at AGX!

- 2 HOUR ORIENTATION BY PHONE - no need to travel and sit for days in orientation! 
- Maintenance Advance/Loan Program for our Operators
- Plate Program - Weekly deductions
- Fuel Card
- DEEP Fuel Discounts
- Free Company Trailer Use
- No forced Dispatch
- Dedicated Dispatcher 
- 24/7 Dispatch
- Abundant Profitable Freight - Never sit

CALL US TODAY - 314-278-8841 or 314-363-4200!! OR Fill out our simple Online Application by clicking here AGX APPLICATION or go to - https://www.mycdlapp.com/amglobalexp



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TrueNorth and the Truckers Service Association are the Bobtail Insurance Leaders in the Trucking industry.  TrueNorth has been saving owner operators money on their bobtail insurance for decades.  Call us today and save!  One of our founding principles is to help the Owner Operators in our country not pay for insurance they don't need, save money on the insurance they do need and to provide the best service in the industry.  We are here to answer any questions you may have.  We are more than happy to explain the definitions of Bobtail and Non Trucking Liability to you, and make sure you have the insurance coverage you need.  See the definition of bobtail insurance below, along with a brief explanation.  
Don't forget, you can always call us with any questions...877-968-8785 TrueNorth Bobtail! 

What is definition of Bobtail Insurance? 

  1. Bobtail Liability Defined:  A term coined to apply to auto liability coverage for an owner/operator after a load has been delivered and while the truck is not being used for trucking purposes.   Wikipedia Definition
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